A Year In The Life

IT services are only as strong as the process behind it.

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Day 1
Day 120
Day 360
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Day 1: Rapid Onboarding

  • Our customer success team arrives to kick off our 150-point enrollment checklist, an exclusive benefit for NetVisor customers
  • The team collects contact info for all employees, so our automated systems will recognize them when they submit support requests
  • We confirm we can access every network device and get notified instantly if a problem occurs
  • By 5:00, you are fully enrolled and our Support Center is waiting to take your calls

Day 99: Readiness Pays Off

  • An employee realizes he mistakenly deleted the folder on the server containing critical work for a major client – three weeks ago
  • He calls the Net Friends Support Center; a tech there marks the ticket Critical and escalates to the Network Operations Center
  • The NOC identifies the deleted files in the cloud backup archive and initiates a restore operation directly to the server
  • Support Center contacts the employee directly and walks him through verification of the restored files
Neelesh Patel in a Net Friends conference room
Net Friends team member Emily sharing ideas on the whiteboard

Day 360: Strategic Overview

  • You sit down with your Account Manager to close out your first year on NetVisor with a report on key metrics and achievements
  • The report includes a summary of procurement activity and completed projects during the year
  • You also receive a status update on your Technology Roadmap, the master plan for your IT investment over the next five years

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Day 1
Day 120
Day 360
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Week 1 (Tuesday): Getting to Know You

  • Josh, your dedicated on-site IT expert reports for duty at 8:00 sharp. You give him a walkthrough and introduce him to the staff. His main job today will be to sort through the mess your last IT provider left.
  • At 10:00, your sales director pops into your office to say she's having trouble sending email. You remind her that the new IT expert is on-site this morning. Ten minutes later a notification from her appears in your inbox: "Fixed!"
  • At 11:45, Josh comes in to report on his progress. You discuss the top priorities for next week. He asks for a list of contact info for your employees so they can submit support requests to our automated ticketing system.

Week 5 (Tuesday): Stabilizing

  • Josh arrives at 8:00 with a list of seven support tickets that your employees have created during the previous week. He takes care of all but one by 10:30; the last user is out sick today.
  • An employee flags Josh down and gives him a list of three support issues written on a sticky note. Josh shows him how to create support tickets using email.
  • Josh tells you he's finished organizing the network closet and the box of spare cables and parts. You discuss the proposal you received from Net Friends to replace several aging workstations with new equipment.
Net Friends team member Cody doing work on his laptop
Man doing work on a laptop

Week 20 (Tuesday): The Tag Team in Action

  • Josh is sick this morning, so it's Brian arriving at 8:00 instead. You've seen Brian several times; he and Josh tag-team your support needs and help each other with troubleshooting. It's always good to get fresh eyes on a problem.
  • Brian is helping the Net Friends projects team prepare to upgrade your server infrastructure. He gathers important configuration data and works with you to determine the least disruptive day and time to deploy the new system. You appreciate his knowledge of your company's rhythms and priorities. It feels like you have an advocate within the project team.

Week 50 (Tuesday): Efforts Pay Off

  • A big potential client is asking you to complete a security audit, so today you and Josh are huddled in a conference room preparing the necessary materials. Josh provides you with a detailed data backup and disaster recovery plan that he's implemented over the past year. He helps you answer questions about your security risk exposure.
  • The conversation sparks several ideas for infrastructure improvements, and he promises to have proposals for these ready by next week so you can review them. The audit materials are ready to go back to the client by 11:00, so Josh uses the last hour to knock out three support tickets and schedule an overnight security update for your file server.

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Net Friends MSSP whiteboard collaboration meeting
Day 1
Day 120
Day 360
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Day 1: Risk Assessment

A comprehensive Residual Risk Assessment of your full IT infrastructure is the ideal way to begin your Security & Strategy engagement with Net Friends.

  • You receive a comprehensive report comparing your data integrity practices with an appropriate standard
  • Your Account Manager meets with you to go through our list of recommendations, sorted by severity
  • You settle on a timeline for risk mitigation, implementing some high-severity, low-cost recommendations first and spacing out other changes throughout the next two quarters

Day 120: Security Incident Response

One risk factor identified in your Risk Assessment was that you had no documented procedure for reporting and responding to potential information security incidents. You requested that Net Friends develop a detailed policy for you.

  • Your new policy describes how and when employees should report suspicious activity, including suspected malicious emails
  • The policy establishes a computer security incident response team (CSIRT), including both members of your staff and Net Friends security analysts, and creates clear steps for responding to reports of potential incidents
  • A Net Friends representative will be on-site today to go over the policy with your managers and train your employees on the new reporting procedures.
Group of employees collaborating on the whiteboard
Net Friends Managed IT Support team meeting

Day 360: Strategic Overview

You sit down with your Account Manager to close out your first year of service with a report on key milestones achieved. After 12 months of regular strategic meetings, you're comfortable forecasting your IT spending and priorities over the next three years – a real change from just a year ago!

  • Your Strategic Overview includes a summary of procurement activity and completed projects during the year
  • The Account Manager congratulates you on landing a big new health-care client that was impressed by your security stance
  • You also receive a status update on your Technology Roadmap, the master plan for your IT investment over the next five years

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