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An IT Health Assessment delivers a customized report on not only your entire IT infrastructure, but also the personnel, policies, and practices that govern it.

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What's Included in the Report

  • Review of your concerns and priorities
  • Survey of your critical infrastructure components
    • Performance analysis
    • Life-cycle analysis
    • Configuration analysis
    • High-level recommendations
  • Assessment of IT department/team efficacy
    • Staff skill set and compensation assessment
    • User satisfaction survey results
    • Team dynamics & organizational analysis
    • High-level recommendations
  • Assessment of IT management practices
    • Policy and documentation review
    • Ticket and project tracking review
    • Procurement and life cycle management review
    • Risk management practices analysis
    • High-level recommendations
  • Summary and prioritized set of recommendations

The Assessment Process

The timeline for delivering an IT Health Assessment is approximately four weeks following quote acceptance for most customers. Here's what you can expect during those four weeks:

Week 1: Scoping

  1. An expert in your industry will conduct an initial interview with one or more executives to collect background information such as the history of your organization and your basis for requesting the assessment.
  2. Net Friends will request information and feedback from key stakeholders, including IT staff and VIPs.

Week 2: Gathering and Synthesizing Data

During Week 2, information will be flowing from you back to our assessment team, who will document and collate it in preparation for the on-site visit.

Week 3: Stakeholder Interviews

During week 3, our team will engage your stakeholders and key IT personnel via in-person or phone interviews. These interviews allow us to resolve logistical hurdles, clear up ambiguities in documentation, and establish our bona fides as impartial participants with extensive knowledge of industry best practices.

Week 4: User Survey and On-Site Assessment

  1. Net Friends will provide you with an online survey to send to your users; the survey is designed to gauge the perception of the IT department across the organization and identify weak points.
  2. Our assessment team will coordinate with your IT staff to perform on-site inspections at all relevant office locations, including a detailed analysis of critical systems, services, virtual devices, access control rules, group policies, performance metrics, etc.

Week 5: Report Delivery and Follow-Up

Within a few days after the on-site portion of the assessment, you will receive our completed report via email. After this, an expert will conduct a conference call with your stakeholders to answer any questions and get feedback about your experience with us.

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