Announcing A Significant Leap Forward In Our Security Services

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This is the first part of a multi-part series on Perimeter Security

Announcing a significant leap forward in our security services

Strategic partnership with Castra Consulting and Bandura results in a major boost to Net Friends' perimeter security and managed security services

Net Friends is always seeking additional layers to our security solutions that we first implement ourselves so we fully understand the implications of this solution. As a solution provider and consultant, we need to know first-hand the impact of a product during the installation and after it's rolled out. We need to make sure we understand fully the policies that need to be adapted, the ongoing operational impact of maintaining the solution, and what tradeoffs come with the additional security.

We are delighted to focus in on a specific layer we recently added to our perimeter security: Bandura's Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) solution. Recently our direct partner in managed SIEM (mSIEM) services Castra Consulting announced their strategic partnership with Bandura to more tightly integrate the Bandura TIG solution with our mSIEM offering. We are delighted to have another strong threat feed and unique tool that can allow better protection for our customers and our company as well.

Net Friends has integrated Bandura's Poliwall appliance into our network at our perimeter edge as well as integrated into the mSIEM offering the threat feeds, filtering, and unique intelligence data from Bandura. This significantly advances our core mSIEM Services offering for our customers by providing more information to assess threats and more options on ways to respond to them.

We are delighted to see how this partnership with Castra Consulting and Bandura develops, as well as see all the ways our security team can now dive deeper into alert assessments and respond in more decisive ways to verified threats. Our network and our customer's are far more secured thanks to the addition of Bandura's TIG on our perimeter!

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The Net Friends + Castra Consulting Partnership

Net Friends partnered with Castra Consulting in 2015 to provide Managed Security Incident and Event Monitoring (mSIEM) solutions. Both companies bring significant experience and power to the table, with Net Friends' operational and management capabilities combined with Castra's industry leading expertise, and we work closely together out of the same shared offices with shared teams. Castra was initially performing multiple installations and initial tune-ups for customers who purchased AlienVault SIEM solutions, and they saw a continued need with their customers to provide ongoing management of the SIEM tool and the need to dig in and work on the security alarms that came up. Together we formulated multiple tiers of service offerings that would address these ongoing needs, assembling a Security Operation Center that is part of Net Friends' greater Information Security Office. We continued to evolve our partnership over the years, expanding our repertoire to include additional SIEM platforms and implement features like long-term log archiving through Elastic systems, always building off of and complementing our two company's core strengths.

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