Castra Taps NetForce to Fill IT Positions as Demand Surges

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DURHAM, N.C., July 7, 2021 -- Net Friends, a provider of managed IT services, today announced that Castra, an award-winning leader in managed detection and response (MDR), has signed an agreement to become the largest customer to date for its NetForce IT staffing service, committing to six full-time embedded IT support personnel with an option to expand. NetForce flexible staffing will allow Castra to focus its hiring and training efforts on its core MDR and consulting services without losing its people-centric company culture.

Castra relies extensively on network technology and cloud-based servers to handle incoming alerts from its customers. "We're seeing huge demand for 24x7 threat hunting and incident response," said Tony Simone, Castra's co-founder.

If my SOC T3/T4 staff are getting that 3 AM escalation call, I want it to be for a threat to a customer's network, not because our servers are down. That's why we turned to NetForce to augment our internal support abilities.
- Tony Simone, Castra's Co-Founder

"At Net Friends, we've put together an amazing team of technology experts with certifications all over the map," said Net Friends CEO John Snyder. "NetForce allows other firms in the Triangle and around North Carolina to tap into that expertise on demand, even for just a few hours each month. That scalability is unique among IT staffing firms."

As a security provider to Fortune 50 corporations, Castra maintains a strict "no outsourcing" policy, so it needed a staffing service that could supply dedicated, fully-trained operations specialists using secure workstations. "With NetForce, we can scale up as we add customers without the distraction of going through a recruitment cycle," said Grant Leonard, Castra's other co-founder. "And Net Friends is headquartered here in Durham, so if I need to assess a new staffer in person, or sit down with John to discuss our needs, I can do that."

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About Castra

Founded in 2012 by Tony Simone and Grant Leonard, Castra has successfully deployed a variety of Information Security products and services across more than 2,000 organizations globally, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platforms. Castra works with Fortune 50 organizations, SMBs, and everything in between. Castra operates a 24x7, SOC2 Type I and Type II compliant and audited Security Operation Center located in Durham, NC, and redundant data centers throughout North America. Castra has mastered several different Information Security technologies, allowing customers to choose which is best for them. Learn more at


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