Weathering the Storm: Safeguarding Your Business with Hurricane IT Readiness

Storm readiness IT preparations will equip your business with safety protocols to respond quickly to weather disruptions.

Managed IT Services
Why Securing Your Endpoints Secures Your Business

Endpoint management can sometimes feel like maneuvering through a complex subway system, with the multitude of endpoints resembling bustling stations.

Managed IT Services
How An MSP Helps Businesses with Internet Connectivity

Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) can come to the rescue when there's an internet outage. Here's how!

Boosting Business Success with a Virtual CIO (vCIO)

A full-time CIO comes with a high salary that is not practical for a small business. What can a business do to close the gap?

Managed IT Services
Signs of a Mature Managed Service Provider (MSP)

As your business evolves, it is important to find an IT provider who can partner with you to support your growth.

Net Friends Receives SOC 2 Type II Attestation for Fourth Consecutive Year

Net Friends, Inc. announces it has completed its fourth annual SOC 2 Type II audit, performed by KirkpatrickPrice.

Why You Need Technology Business Reviews

Technology Business Reviews play a powerful role in enabling decision-makers to limit unnecessary expenses and reallocate resources to promising IT initiatives.

6 Most Common IT Concerns for Small Businesses

With restraints on resources and manpower, small businesses face higher stakes when seeking to make smart and informed IT investments.

5 Business Decisions to Make Before Your Azure Deployment

Creating a new Microsoft Azure deployment is a relatively straightforward process. However, a business needs to consider a few key decisions first.

What Does Cyber Insurance NOT Cover?

While cybersecurity insurance helps alleviate the financial risks and burden of doing business online, there are liability limitations to this type of policy.

What Is Cyber Insurance & What Does It Cover?

Cybersecurity insurance is a contract that the policyholder purchases to help reduce the financial risks of doing business online. Learn about cyber liability.

Managed IT Services
Patch Management: Why Your Business Needs It

Patch management is crucial to ensure business continuity. Learn more about how software patching can safeguard your organization.

Tips for Adapting Your Business Continuity Plan for Anywhere Operations

Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay. Discover how Anywhere Operations can enhance your business continuity plan for sustainable growth.

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