How We Became HIPAA Experts

The story of how we went from a scrappy group of six technicians at Duke to a radically innovative IT partner that brought HIPAA expertise to the table.

Our First Entrepreneurial Steps

How our Founder, David, fostered a culture of entrepreneurialism and experimentation that few IT Support companies have pursued...

"You're Doing It Wrong" Podcast Episode on The Reluctant Visionary

Business coach Mark Henderson Leary is the podcast host of "You're Doing It Wrong," where he interviewed John Snyder about implementing EOS at Net Friends.

My First Cybersecurity Incident

You never forget your first cybersecurity incident. It was the summer of 2001, & I was working as a field tech, supporting several medical research departments.

Life At Net Friends
A Tale of Net Friendly IT Support (How I Met My Wife)

In 1999, I was a new tech at Net Friends, enjoying my time supporting dozens of research departments at Duke University.

Life At Net Friends
What A Teacher Taught Us

In 2016, we hired a former educator with a Masters in curriculum development and instruction to join our team as our first Training Coordinator.

Life At Net Friends
How Our Joint Venture with Castra Began

I first met Grant Leonard back in 2002. We hired him at Net Friends as a contractor to help with all sorts of IT security projects and initiatives.

Life At Net Friends
How I Was Hired At Net Friends

"Wanna grab a free lunch?" my boss asked me. "Of course" was the only possible answer any new college graduate loaded down with student debt could give to that.

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