Business Services

Accounting, financial, HR, and compliance

Your financial system is likely QuickBooks, and your bookkeeper is likely not a professional CPA, is not certified in QuickBooks, and is not likely giving your CPA an error-free set of books each tax season nor are they giving you insightful reports that facilitate making critical business decisions. Even if you have a simple small business or a highly skilled financial analyst on staff, you could still find yourself in a bind with an error you cannot solve, a new regulation you aren’t comfortable with, or an unexpected leave of absence. Our Business Services team is here to help with whatever needs you have: big or small, one-time or on-going.

We Specialize in all things QuickBooks

We specialize in QuickBooks. We have 4 QuickBooks ProAdvisors on our team, and over 50 years of combined expertise supporting small business financial systems in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. We can host your QuickBooks, making it more secure, more easily accessible to your CPA or key members of your team, and if you like make sure all aspects of your QuickBooks are well maintained by our financial team. Whether you host with us or keep your QuickBooks in-house, we are well positioned to work with your CPA as a team, and likely save you money with your CPA as well if we have a chance to fix the multiple errors and journal entries that likely exist in your books. We complement your CPA firm by providing you far more in-depth guidance and support than you can get from a tax-focused CPA, and we are a fraction of the cost whether you engage us on an hourly basis, ongoing monthly support plan, or on fixed-price projects to address specific issues or requests.

Beyond working within QuickBooks, we provide compliance services, with GAAP assessments, handbook development, establish or update company policies and job descriptions, and ensure your company is in compliance with current regulations. For example, we can help you assess and respond to the new Department of Labor rules involving overtime pay and how your employees are classified as non-exempt or exempt.

We will make sure you get the most out of your investment in QuickBooks, your bookkeeper, and your CPA. But most importantly, if you use our Business Services regularly you will have far fewer financial errors that could be costly in the long run and that undermine your ability to use your financial systems to make business decisions. Our Business Services team can make a huge difference in your ability to grow as a small business.

Business Services examples:

• In-person, one-on-one training or group training in QuickBooks
• Customize your QuickBooks design and reports
• Solve problems and challenges, from error messages to sub-optimal presentation of your data
• Assess or audit your books

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