Biopharma Company Upgrades IT Infrastructure to Match Growth

Parion Sciences is dedicated to the research and development of treatments that improve and extend the lives of patients with severe respiratory illnesses. By 2021, they launched into a season of rapid expansion and needed an IT partner who could match their accelerated growth.

Parion's Challenge

Parion Sciences needed a fresh perspective on modernizing their IT infrastructure. They began seeking an IT partner in 2021 who could help them maximize every technology investment and push their IT environment to a maturation level that best suited their rapid rate of change.

Managed Infrastructure for Life Sciences

"At 6 months into our relationship with Net Friends, we were appreciative of the can-do attitude of our interactions with the team at Net Friends. Not only with making recommendations, but taking action to put them into effect once there is consensus."

— Aaron Farmand, Vice President, Finance & Administration

Results At A Glance

  • 3-Year IT Roadmap
  • Critical IT Projects On-Track
  • Key IT Security Policies Established
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Optimized Network Infrastructure

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Before NetCore

Parion needed an experienced IT partner who could manage and execute IT projects with expertise and proven success. Parion's asset and lifecycle management system also needed optimizations to allow organization-wide visibility. They needed a way to track OS upgrades, 3rd-party updates, and other critical compliance requirements.

After NetCore

By aligning Parion's IT environment with Net Friends' Technology Stack, they gained enterprise-grade technology and managed services for a secure and reliable network to support their rapid growth. With vCIO guidance, monthly executive reports, and regular asset management reviews, Parion is able to strategize for their long-term IT plans.

Why NetCore?

NetCore delivers a bundled solution of enterprise-grade hardware, software, and services. Businesses gain a secure and reliable network infrastructure at a fixed and low monthly rate. All configuration changes and infrastructure support are covered throughout the duration of the contract.

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NetCore Elements
Need More Than Infrastructure Services? Advance your network with NetCore Elements (NCE), our innovative bundle of leading technology equipment and managed services. Our network security experts will deploy best-in-class network equipment and ensure it stays fully operational and secure. All troubleshooting, maintenance, and updates are included at a fixed rate that fits your small business IT budget.
Rapid Deployment 
We have a sense of urgency to bring you a secure, reliable network ASAP. You can count on an expert installation at a time that is most convenient for you.
24x7 Monitoring
Our in-house Network Operations Center monitors your network devices continuously. If a device runs into trouble, we will know before you do.
4-hour Replacement
For NCE customers, we are positioned to spring into action with rapid network equipment replacements, so you can avoid the inconvenience of downtime and lost revenue.
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