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Cloud Services

Rethinking everything about IT infrastructure

What if you never had to buy another server again? What if all your staff, whether in the same building or a different country, could treat complex IT services like electricity – something that comes over the wire like magic? Something that just works?

This is the promise of cloud computing, a new approach to IT infrastructure that leverages today’s ubiquitous high-speed networks to let you rapidly purchase and globally deploy services like backup and collaboration that previously could only be deployed inside a LAN after a major project.

Solution Oriented

We provide customers with an in-depth assessment of the business impact of any cloud services currently in use, as well as the potential consequences of placing additional infrastructure in the cloud. We’ll ask about how your critical data is distributed and the life cycle of your existing servers; we’ll create a data flow diagram to identify bottlenecks and points of failure.

You can choose whether you’d like us to simply advise or also implement any changes. Our consultants will act as liaisons with service vendors and technicians to help you migrate and safeguard your data.

Cloud Services examples:

  • Pre-emptive spam and e-mail antivirus filtering
  • Coordinated on/offsite backups for remote systems
  • High-availability Exchange and SharePoint services
  • High-availability Remote Desktop Service clusters to give remote workers reliable access to legacy or specialized applications

For detailed information, download our Cloud Services document.

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