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Day 360 - Smooth Sailing

A year ago, IT was a burden for your company.  Today, after 1 year with Net Friends as part of your team, IT is what you need it to be.  An asset that allows your team to be more productive, and your company to be as efficient as possible.

Before and After Net Friends

Maximized Productivity and Efficiency

Before Net Friends

  1. Your IT Budget was all over the place, with no way to forecast or budget for future costs
  2. No one on your staff knew if you had Backups at all, much less Secure, Redundant Backups that could be used to restore your systems and data in a timely manner.
  3. Employees, whether they told you or not, were frustrated at continuous issues with their workstations and connecting to servers.
  4. Your network equipment had been changed over the years, you had equipment you didn't even know you had, which didn't communicate with your other equipment.
  5. Frustration, downtime, loss of productiveness and even anger were regular occurrences due to your IT systems.

With Net Friends

  1. Budgeting for IT costs is now a simple process, with a detailed plan for upgrades, replacements and support
  2. A full System Analysis has taken place so you know exactly what equipment you have, how long it is under warranty and when it will be outdated.
  3. An IT Disaster Recovery Plan is in place and you are prepared for any disaster
  4. Your IT systems are stable, providing you with peace of mind
  5. Network redundancy, durability and responsiveness are all now part of your culture
  6. IT is now an asset for your company, helping you retain staff and increase productivity
  7. Thanks Net Friends! (You're welcome.)

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