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Day 1 With Our Team

YOUR [net]FRIEND: Will

9:00am - Meeting the Team

  1. Will arrives on-site and meets your staff
  2. He engages with your team, knowing that your mission is now our mission
  3. Will shows you how easy it is to engage with our team by phone, email, text and web (emojis fully supported )


10:00am - Meeting the Gear

  1. Now that Will has met your people, it's time for him to meet your gear
  2. Will takes an in-depth dive into your network and equipment
  3. Will may suggest you perform a wireless infrastructure assessment.
  4. And don't worry, we are experts in all of those boring network-y thing-a-ma-jigs that give you headaches and make your team less productive.  Actually, we love those things, so it's a perfect match.
  5. Will becomes one with your gear...


11:00am - Deploying our Comprehensive Suite of Tools

  1. Now with knowledge of your specific needs, Will deploys a set of of tools behind the scenes to prepare your network and users for a comprehensive IT Support experience with Net Friends.


12:00pm - The Test Drive

  1. With systems ready to go, Will takes the time to confirm that everything works.  Each person on your team, each and every system you have.
  2. Once everything is confirmed to be working, Will reviews all of the relevant information with your team, making sure everyone is on the same page.
  3. And we are done!  For now anyway...remember, we are always here for you, 24/7 for all of your IT Support needs.  That's how we work.  As a team, here when you need us.
  4. Wanna grab lunch?

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