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FIRE! How to fight it. Tips from the Durham Fire Department

August 23, 2018


Just kidding. But seriously…do you and your employees know what to do if one breaks out? Unfortunately, in many cases, the answer is no. Where are the fire extinguishers in the building? What happens when Stacey in accounting leaves her popcorn in the microwave too long and a fire breaks out? (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t hurt to be better safe than sorry!)

The City of Durham Fire Department came out and trained the Net Friends team on how to handle just this kind of situation if it arises. Fire Education Captain Carol M. Reardon provided us with the following information on responding to a fire. Businesses must plan for the most common emergency, which is a fire. One of the tools used to fight small fires is a fire extinguisher. Used properly, the fire extinguisher may prevent the fire from growing and to ensure a safe exit from the building.

Feel free to download this PDF with important fire safety procedures and distribute among your employees to ensure you keep them safe and sound in case of emergency!





The most common extinguisher training technique to use with employees is the PASS method:

In event of a fire, follow the AAA method:

*note: always call 911 before attempting to fight the fire.

Before approaching the fire, determine an evacuation route safe of flames, excessive heat and smoke. Do not allow this evacuation route to become blocked.

You should follow evacuation procedures immediately and should NOT attempt to fight the fire with an extinguisher:


What is your business doing to keep your staff safe in case of emergency? Consider a fire safety training like the one Net Friends did, it’s a great first step! Find more information here.

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