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Net Friends Celebrates “Giving Tuesday”, a global day of giving

December 6, 2018

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 was #GivingTuesday and we celebrated by sharing our [net] friends giving stories about causes that are near an dear to their hearts. The campaign was so successful that we even had to extend it another day -- #GivingWednesday (or Giving Tuesday, take 2 😉 )
Each person's #MyGivingStory was incredibly inspiring and heartwarming. Some were deep, some were sad, some were happy - but one thing is for sure - we have a pretty dang amazing group of people here at Net Friends and we couldn’t be prouder!
Go ahead and take a look at each #MyGivingStory below and join the conversation over on Facebook. 
We hope you find these incredible stories as inspiring as we do! 

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