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How Much Does Managed IT Support Cost?

February 5, 2019


"How much is this going to cost?"

It's a question everyone asks whenever they buy something or hire someone. We use prices to compare similar products and services, to figure out whether we can or should make a purchase, and to predict returns on investments.

If you visit any IT support provider's website and ask that question, you're likely to see three dreaded words: "Call For Pricing."

Why can't you get a clear price on a service that claims to be standardized?

Often it's not really that standardized behind the scenes. Some Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to perform an assessment of all your IT activity so they can estimate their cost to support you. Some MSPs have a proprietary pricing formula that counts devices: this much for a Windows server, that much for a workstation, that much for a firewall – unless it has VPN, then add this surcharge. It gets complicated fast.

At Net Friends, we think pricing should be simple. You just need to ask one easy question:

"How Many People Do I Have?"

"People" usually means employees, but it can mean contractors too – we just need to know how many human beings will be working day-to-day with the servers and workstations we're monitoring. We need this information because:

  • It's your people we'll be serving in our role of IT support
  • It’s your people who'll notify us when they have a need
  • It’s your people we'll reach out to when we detect a problem

It's simple: people drive the need for IT services, so our pricing is entirely based around people.

Our Managed Services offering is called NetVisor™. And because we're not interested in telling customers what their budget priorities should be, we have two convenient ways to structure payment.

  1. A lower monthly price with more control over the services you use
  2. A fixed monthly price that protects you if your need for services goes up

Choose which option works best for you below:

Introducing NetVisor

Our Managed IT Services Plans

Low Monthly Commitment

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Fixed Monthly Commitment

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