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Hurricane Florence: Planning for the Future

September 27, 2018

Businesses can prepare for emergencies, but are all those plans in place when the disaster actually strikes? Net Friends learned valuable lessons from Hurricane Florence before, during and after she made landfall on September 14th. We want to share those lessons with you and hope you find them helpful.

This is a three-part blog series with lessons Net Friends learned from Hurricane Florence:

  1. Lessons Learned from Hurricane Florence
  2. Hurricane Florence, What We Didn’t See Coming
  3. Hurricane Florence, Planning for the Future (current post)

Below are the important dates regarding Hurricane Florence and Net Friends’ corresponding emergency response:

From the desk of John Snyder, Net Friends President – –

In the previous blog posts, I shared with you Lessons Learned from Hurricane Florence and What We Didn’t See Coming. For this last and final post, I want to share with you some ideas that we want to have in place, based on these experiences.

Next time we have a sudden event like these tornados and flash floods, I want us to have the following in-place and ready to go:

1. Some well-placed cameras and sensors so we can get good visuals about the conditions immediately around our offices.

2. Readily accessible traffic camera feeds so we can assess road conditions on routes we know our staff use each day.

3. Emergency Alert communications at the ready, with a mechanism to reliably send out urgent messages where every second counts.

4. Specific people assigned with safety training and resources, who can be responsible for personal safety at each of our facilities.

5. Clearly posted – and practiced – emergency procedures for a variety of scenarios, from tornados to flooding to intruders.

As I final send-off, I want to say how fortunate we are to have a resourceful, smart, and spirited staff who can take care of themselves and consistently show good judgment. I don’t want to lean too heavily on that and simply count on our staff to improvise. All business owners and decision makers should be increasingly aware that these disruptive, extreme weather events are increasing and must be prepared for. And after each event, make sure you perform a post-incident review to identify the lessons learned, and issue lists that you and your staff can work on. Preparing for emergencies and crises is so important and can help save your businesses – and lives – when they are most at risk.

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Florence, and I hope these posts can help other businesses with future emergency response planning as we work to recover after the storm.

What precautions and planning did you do to prepare for Hurricane Florence? Did you learn any lessons from this storm? What emergency response procedures do you plan on having in place in the event of another emergency like this one? We’d love for you to share.





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