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Your IT Security is critical to protecting your data.

We have the most effective tools and experts to protect you from hackers, ransomware and internal sabotage.

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The Risk is Real

Security firms will tell you all about risk: the risk of getting hacked, the risk of internal sabotage, the risk of criminal gangs threatening to shut down your website unless you pay thousands of dollars, etc. These risks are all real, but what about the risks you face every day?

Business owners recognize that profitability depends on knowing exactly how many resources to devote to each problem and opportunity. We treat security the same way: identifying where your needs are, prioritizing critical assets, assessing cost, and then delivering solutions that simply work.

What We Do

  • Internal and External Vulnerability Scans

  • Penetration test suite with follow-up

  • Risk analysis and risk management

  • Business Continuity Assessments

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Post-breach consultation

  • Recurring compliance audits


YOUR [net]FRIEND:  Allen

  1. Receives two suspicious emails that were forwarded from concerned customers
  2. Both emails have attachments and seem to come from the customer’s bank, both encouraging the customer to click on a link to check their account details
  3. Loads the emails into a “sandbox” environment and thoroughly checks them out for possible malware or scams
  4. Confirms the emails are a spear phishing attack, the most common form of cyber attack
  5. Contacts the customer with simple, clear instructions on how to avoid the attack
  6. Spreads the word to other customers and fellow [net]Friends to warn them that there is an attack in the wild
  7. Crisis averted.  Time for coffee.

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