Durham Managed IT Services

Managed Services

Making IT stable, efficient, and predictable

The goal of Managed Services is simple: to put your IT firm and your business into a mutually beneficial arrangement, with powerful incentives to minimize problems and maximize business continuity. We’ll upgrade your systems to industry standards and implement sensitive monitoring tools to detect problems right away. We allow unlimited support calls and hold ourselves to a clearly defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). And it’s all covered by a set monthly cost that’s good for a year. Some IT firms think Managed Services is a license to push you toward systems that cost them little but don’t meet your business needs. At Net Friends, we’ll establish standards based on your needs, not our convenience.

How It Works

To enroll in Managed Services, you should first select the units you want to cover. Then we’ll look at whether any work is needed on those units before your coverage begins.
Phase 1: Determine covered systems
We’ll draw up a contract so you can see exactly what we’re promising and how much it will cost each month.
Phase 2: Stabilize the infrastructure
We’ll bring in top engineers and consultants to examine every inch of your networks, servers, and workstations.
Phase 3: Ongoing coverage
Once all systems are stable, you’ll begin enjoying smooth IT performance at a consistent low cost.

Managed Services is designed for clients who:

  • Already have or want a fixed IT budget
  • Want to set and implement robust technology standards
  • Are tired of making frequent IT decisions or judgment calls
  • Need to maximize business continuity and stability

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Enterprise Services is on-demand support designed for clients who require:

  • Help desk services
  • Procurement assistance
  • Monitoring
  • Vertical application support

For detailed information, download our Enterprise Services document.

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