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As a Business Manager, you are responsible for keeping things running smoothly...

Our IT experts become part of  your team and make your business our business.  It's how we work.  And it makes you look good.

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An Important Responsibility

When you are responsible for keeping things running, having reliable and competent staff is a must. You know how awesome it is when you have the right person for the job, and of course you know the inverse is super stressful.

When you select an IT Support provider, you are making a hiring decision. We will become part of your team and work directly with you to take ownership of issues, anticipate needs, and solve problems. So you should be prepared to interview your potential IT Support provider with some tough questions that gauge our expertise and also our fit with your work culture.

How we work

NetVisor is our answer to an outdated model of Managed Services.  A full-service offering with the expert consultants and exclusive tools to make it easy for you to do business.

We make life less complicated

Things can get complicated calculating IT maintenance and support expenses. They don’t have to be though and our goal is to keep things from getting unnecessarily complicated and cluttered. All we need to help determine a rough idea of your IT Support costs are knowing how many FTE’s you have!

Easy Quoting

If you want a quote, just send us a note over on the left indicating how many staff members you have (feel free to exclude non-technical staff like couriers, drivers, and staff that don’t usually work with data or computers outside of company email)

Your people are what matters

We base our NetVisor program around people, and this also is how we price it: on a per-user basis. You tell us how many people you have, we can tell you what your monthly price is.

If you are growing and thinking of hiring a couple people…it’s easy to know how this will impact your monthly costs!


YOUR [net]FRIEND:  John

As President of Net Friends, I want to make sure you make the best decision possible for your IT needs, so here are some questions you should be asking any IT Support provider you are looking to partner with:

  1. What are the top threats to a business like ours that can disrupt our work day?
  2. And what will your organization do specifically to mitigate these threats?
  3. Does this IT firm seem to your industry and business environment?
  4. Do they give you generic or overly technical answers (i.e., you are nodding off and bored…) or are the answers straightforward and applicable (i.e., you are nodding in agreement…)
  5. If I just hired an important new employee, what would you want from me besides their name, location, and start date?
  6. Do you get a sense that this process is standardized, yet personal and welcoming?
  7. How thorough is the answer and does it address common needs like printing, access to your files, software licenses, permissions, phone extensions, address book information, etc.)?
  8. Do you feel that the new employee will hit the ground running with this IT firm, or be stalled with less than 100% effective setup so they cannot access or won’t understand how to use key resources?

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