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Managed Services aren't for everybody

Answer "Yes" to these 3 Questions and you are ready to explore managed services with Net Friends!

Do you have an IT budget?

  1. If your IT operational budget is not at least 2.5% of your gross revenue, then you shouldn’t answer yes.
  2. If you don’t have clearly defined IT capital (hardware and software purchases) and IT operational (labor) sections to your budget, then you shouldn’t answer yes.
  3. If you don’t have a clear picture of what IT expenditures support your core business (“keep the lights on”) vs. what IT expenditures help “transform the business” or help grow your business, then you shouldn’t answer yes.


Are you ready to hand over IT operations and day-to-day decisions to your IT partner?

  1. Managed Services works best when your Managed Services Provider can act as your Chief Technology Officer or your IT Director, making day-to-day decisions and regularly reporting at a high level regarding IT performance and any persistent challenges
  2. If you want to continue handling daily IT decisions or regularly review tickets, then you will be better served by an hourly support model that directly benefits from this shared operational oversight approach
  3. If you aren’t sure you can completely trust your IT Support person or company, then you should keep looking for someone you can trust, like us!

Would you pay to replace equipment before it impacts productivity?

  1. If you almost always try to get as many years past-warranty as possible out of any hardware or software you purchase and use it until it dies…then you shouldn’t answer yes.
  2. If you often cannot bring yourself to approve a new laptop or server upgrade because while it has several new productivity features and a business case can be made for it, you continue to be stuck on the fact that the current one is still working “fine”…then you shouldn’t answer yes.
  3. If you are a person who looks for the absolute cheapest part possible even when something 20% more expensive seems to have far better reviews…then you shouldn’t answer yes. 

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