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How we are preparing for Hurricane Florence

September 11, 2018

Like every one of our customers on Monday, Net Friends was closely watching the weather reports and engaged in a series of huddles to ensure we were ready for this historic storm. Below is a list of actions we chose to put in place on Monday, and we are sharing it here since some of our ideas might be helpful to our readers:


1. We created several communication outlets dedicated to the storm, including:

2. We identified the locations in each major city where our employees are located that is the safest and most likely to have power and network resources, and began preparing equipment and access control lists to allow our staff to work from those places should there be a prolonged power outage after the storm

3. We carefully checked our backup and Disaster Recovery resources to ensure that our North State managed data centers in Raleigh and Charlotte were fully protected and prepared, and the fine folks at North State confirmed the following are in place and ready:

4. We scheduled Disaster Recovery drills and emergency restore tests of data backups under our care to ensure we can readily restore systems that are under our stewardship

5. We pre-emptively rescheduled any optional events that were on the docket this week for later next week to allow more staff bandwidth to prepare for the storm

What are you doing that is unique but broadly applicable to prepare for the storm? Please share in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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