Agile Project Management in Durham

Project Services

Using Agile Project techniques
to tackle your big initiatives

The unique nature of projects means that they often require skillsets not found in your in-house staff or resources you don’t have. This is where we come in. We give you access to personnel with the expertise to help you pull off even the most ambitious goals. We pair Agile Project Management with a stringent hiring process; this lets us equip every team with veteran consultants working from a flexible, responsive system. Projects can be large or small, taking months or just a week.

Our Approach

Agile Project Management breaks large projects into segments that last no more than a few weeks. Each segment provides the business owner with a visible, usable result, plus the chance to adjust project priorities based on your changing situation. This approach is particularly suited for small business because it emphasizes the needs of people, and the way people interact with systems, rather than ironclad schedules or predetermined outcomes. This fits our focus on customer service perfectly. We understand intuitively that projects will need to be adjusted to fit the needs of our customers – not the other way around.

Project Services examples:

  • Security and compliance assessments
    (HIPAA, HITECH, FISMA, etc.)
  • Active directory migrations, consolidations, and separations
  • Conversions of multiple physical servers to single virtualized host (“P2V”)
  • Microsoft Exchange, Small Business Server, and SharePoint upgrades

For detailed information, download our Project Services document.