Managed Detection and Response

What is NetSafe?

NetSafe is an active security alert response service. With NetSafe, your systems are continuously monitored by a cloud-based platform that looks for unusual activity. If activity is detected, NetSafe will alert our Security Operations Center or trigger safeguards itself to disrupt an incoming attack. This quick response can mean the difference between an attack succeeding or failing. Contact us about Managed Detection & Response!

What Makes NetSafe MDR Work
Rapid Response
Superior MDR service is defined by speed of response: the longer an attacker has access to your systems, the more havoc they can cause. Cloud-based machine learning allows NetSafe to identify attack patterns and prevent an attack from expanding beyond the first infection.
24x7 Monitoring
Cyber attackers don’t sleep. But they know when you do. They know when companies will have reduced staff or slower response times, and they will capitalize on your most vulnerable hours. Mondays are bad enough without discovering that an attacker has been in your systems all weekend. NetSafe ensures that you can respond effectively during these unsuspecting moments.
Full-Stack Coverage
The days of needing to protect just your office building are long gone. Now your data moves between your offices, data centers, cloud applications, and remote workers. A “perimeterless” security approach can follow your data wherever it goes. With NetSafe MDR, your on-prem, remote, and cloud systems are all covered.
Unmatched Threat Protection
With nearly 120 distinct sources of threat intel, our security analysts and detection systems can find and stop even the most novel cybersecurity attacks. We use both broad and tailored threat intel, delivering high business value and vastly increasing the likelihood that we will be the first to discover and disrupt unique attempts to hack into your systems.
Experienced Analysts
As great as our suite of detection tools are, you need added threat hunting and analysis that only a team of seasoned security analysts can bring. Our mature SOC team has 4 separate escalation tiers, with each tier bringing significant real-world experience chasing down Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and atypical events.
Innovative Technology
Cybercriminals never stop innovating, and we don’t either. We use the latest SOAR tools (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) to continuously update NetSafe with new defenses and automated triggers. We integrate our EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) agents with our SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) platform to gain better insights into customer networks.

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Day 120

A comprehensive view of your IT Environment is now visible

Day 360

AFTER A YEAR TOGETHER, all Security gaps are addressed
A year ago, IT was a burden for your company. Today, after one year with Net Friends on your side, IT is what you need it to be: an asset that allows your organization to advance.
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