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Is your school prepared for the IT demands of EOG testing? What happens when wireless stops working and your network administration is on vacation? Net Friends is experienced with the regulatory and legal requirements for public and private education environments to step in.

What makes Net Friend's offerings unique?
Flexible Staffing
Are you wondering how to support your faculty, staff, and students with limited personnel and resources for your IT? Reduce the overhead of maintaining an in-house IT department by outsource your IT needs to Net Friends and gain flexible, out-of-the-box tech support with our IT experts.
Network Management
Our Network experts can fill the "skills gap" on your team when it comes to managing your network devices through regularly scheduled maintenance and 24x7 asset monitoring.
Cutting-Edge Expertise
Net Friend's tenured expertise in K-12 environments, our constant attention to emerging trends, and our robust internal training programs keep our IT experts up-to-date with the latest technologies for education.
Project Deployment
Whether you need to refresh 150 workstations over the summer or implement a new network deployment across your multi-building campus, our flexible staffing and project coordination can ease the periodic frenzy of IT activity, while providing the support when you need it most.
Content & Device Filtering
Let us help you ensure students and staff are adhering to your Acceptable Use Policy regarding the sites they connect to, both on and off campus. We can manage website content and filtering throughout the internal network using multiple layers and ensure that institution-owned devices can be managed when they are off the internal network.
Endpoint Management
Whether you implement a BYO device policy or issue institution-owned devices to your staff, our experience with a broad array of device management tools (i.e. MDM, MEM, & RMM, etc.) will ensure that we can help manage and enforce policies across your entire institution.

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