Leveraging Cloud Technology for Server Optimization

Atlantic Reproductive Medicine offers fertility treatments within a singular clinical setting, ensuring personalized, comprehensive, and collaborative care. This holistic approach instills confidence in patients, knowing their care is seamlessly coordinated. ARMS discovered that serving patients is made easier with a reliable MSP to manage their IT needs.

ARMS Challenge

During a risk assessment conducted under their NetVisor services, it was determined that a mission critical application server was approaching the end of its operational life. The stability of this server was crucial for ARMS's ability to serve their patients.

Transparency & Dedication

Net Friends truly earned our respect with their post-project review, highlighting challenges encountered and the proactive steps taken to avert such issues in the future. Their transparency and dedication to ongoing improvement are commendable.

- Tina Manley, Chief Operating Officer

Results At A Glance

  • Enhanced overall up-time
  • Scalable storage solutions
  • No technology constraints for office expansions
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Before IT Project

The Infrastructure Assessment conducted by Net Friends identified an aging server that was approaching end of life. Net Friends recognized that ARMS was also relying on specialized third-party software, which created corruption challenges with the server backups. When the physical server fails, it would impact ARMS' sensitive data.

After IT Project

By the conclusion of the project, ARMS had successfully migrated to a cloud-based solution, resulting in enhanced server stability. This shift allows them to scale and enhance their service offerings without worrying about their IT infrastructure. The endeavor also underscored the value of transparency in collaborations with business vendors. With this advanced technology in place, ARMS is well-equipped to effectively fulfill their clients' requirements.

Why Net Friends?

Net Friends provides comprehensive IT support at a fixed price  Managed IT Services solution that grants access to a highly-celebrated Help Desk, standardized procurement, vCIO guidance, and specialized expertise from a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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Server Support
From OS patches to running monthly scripts, we ensure that your servers are properly prepared for critical updates and assist with installing approved 3rd-party security patches.
Transition to a Cloud Environment
Let us guide your transition from traditional servers to the versatility of the cloud, minimizing risks like server failures.
Endpoint Support
24x7 monitoring services by our in-house Network Operations Center. Standard software packages deployed to all workstations for antivirus, antimalware, anti-ransomware, patching, inventory management, and monitoring services.
Risk Assessments
Through diligent risk assessments, we preemptively safeguard your infrastructure, Improving uptime and maintaining productivity.
Line of Business Software Support
Ease the complexities of handling your specialized software with our expert management support.
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