Transforming the User Experience with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

In 2021, Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School was established to provide eager Triangle-based students with a rigorous college preparatory education. They faced a demanding task to integrate technology into their educational framework and infrastructure.

Cristo Rey's Challenge

At the height of the pandemic as a newly established high school, Cristo Rey faced a litany of IT challenges, including decentralized endpoint management, the associated security risks and inefficiencies, and overlapping software tools and platforms, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. These challenges exacerbated fragmentation and confusion with a growing remote workforce. Cristo Rey sought help from Net Friends to implement Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM).

Couldn't Be Happier!

In the run-up to opening the school [in 2021], a lot of different systems were purchased by different people. Now we have standard systems. It is easier to maintain and use. We couldn't be happier.

- James McPherson, Director of Business Operations

Results At A Glance

  • Cost reductions, increased efficiency, and better security
  • Improved remote worker support
  • Decreased complexity of the IT ecosystem
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Before MEM Implementation

Opening a new school is daunting and presents major IT considerations, as technology is essential to facilitating communication, managing resources, and providing a seamless learning environment for students and teachers alike. In their earliest days, Cristo Rey had to grapple with IT fragmentation, disparate systems, and inefficiencies associated with siloed resources. They had no solution in place to centralize endpoint control.

After MEM Implementation

By implementing Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM), a transformative shift occurred. Remote staff, educators, and students alike found themselves empowered by standardized systems, a unified IT environment, and enhanced security controls. MEM not only addressed the immediate challenges, but also paved the way for a future-ready IT infrastructure, fostering a more productive and resilient educational experience.

Why Net Friends

Net Friends provides comprehensive Managed IT Services that grants access to a highly-celebrated Help Desk, standardized procurement, vCIO guidance, and specialized expertise from a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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Cloud Based File Sharing
Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms for file sharing. With MEM, administrators can now ensure all shared files are stored securely on Microsoft's OneDrive and SharePoint platforms, which reduces complexity and enhances user convenience.
Remote Endpoint Management
With MEM, remote workers are some of the biggest winners, because they can easily access IT support where they are located. Reduce support costs, raise morale, and increase productivity for remote staff.
Centralized Admin Controls
With MEM, easily add and remove local administrative accounts from all endpoints, streamlining access control and significantly reducing security risks.
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