The Emily K Center Defeats Dead Zones with the Power of Connectivity

The Emily Krzyzewski Center offers four distinct programs designed to build on the academic, career, and leadership potential of students, elementary through college ages, who are underrepresented in higher education.

The Emily K Center Challenge

During the expansion of its facilities, the Emily K Center enlisted Net Friends to enhance its technological infrastructure, crucial for accommodating their growing needs. This included the development of adaptable classrooms, communal work areas, and office spaces, all necessitating reliable connectivity solutions to foster both hybrid learning and collaborative activities.

Huge Support

Net Friends has always been in our corner and having them on call was a huge support during our expansion process.

- Lauren Gardner, Chief Operating Officer

Results At A Glance

  • Hybrid workspaces creating improved flexibility and productivity
  • Enhanced connectivity experience
  • Optimized collaboration
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Before IT Services

The Emily K Center faced several challenges as worked to enhance the technological capabilities and infrastructure. Merging new systems demanded compatibility and smooth integration. The center's complex design challenged connectivity solutions, requiring meticulous planning for reliable network coverage. Finally, collaborating with external partners for their expertise added complexity, but effective teamwork was vital.

After IT Services

This project transformed the Emily K Center into a hybrid learning hub with integrated of video conferencing and online collaboration. Reliable, high-speed internet was crucial, but the building's architecture posed challenges. Net Friends created detailed wireless coverage maps, ensuring consistent Wi-Fi throughout. Through meticulous planning, Net Friends helped bring the Center's vision to life: a versatile space for hybrid learning that caters to diverse needs.

Why Net Friends

Net Friends provides comprehensive IT support at a fixed price  Managed IT Services solution that grants access to a highly-celebrated Help Desk, standardized procurement, vCIO guidance, and specialized expertise from a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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Our team optimizes your Wi-Fi coverage across your entire facility, boosting productivity with uninterrupted connectivity.
Infrastructure Management:
We oversee your IT infrastructure, proactively monitoring and managing your hardware to ensure smooth operation.
Wireless Assessments
We leverage comprehensive wireless assessments to fine-tune your network, maximizing performance and reliability.
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