Marbles Kids Museum Streamlines Technology

Marbles Kids Museum, a community nonprofit, sparks imagination, discovery and learning through play. Marbles prioritizes play as a fundamental element of a child's well-being. Viewed as a tool that fosters intellectual growth, social skills, emotional development, and physical health.

The Marbles Kids Museum Challenge

Marbles Kids Museum was struggling with a variety of IT problems impacting their daily operations.

  • Outdated legacy systems were prone to downtime.
  • The knowledge to maintain them was limited as IT staff retired.
  • Proprietary software added another layer of complexity.
  • Tight budget constraints limited their ability to invest in upgrades.

Building a More Robust Foundation

By combining a collaborative network assessment with strategic project management, Net Friends helped Marbles build a more robust foundation for the future.

- Welch Narron, Vice President, Operations

Results At A Glance

  • Improved Uptime – Due to upgraded equipment and more efficient networking
  • Operational Efficiency – Newer equipment has helped staff to focus on their work and not tech issues
  • Improved Security – Legacy systems with propriety software are often easy targets for hackers.
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Before IT Services

Marbles Kids Museum faced mounting IT issues. Aging systems frequently went down, and staff with the knowledge to fix them were retiring. Proprietary software made troubleshooting even trickier. With limited funds for upgrades, the museum struggled with downtime, security risks, and a drain on IT resources.

After IT Services

Through a collaborative effort, Net Friends and the team at Marbles Kids Museum created a plan to improve network performance. Net Friends conducted a thorough network assessment, pinpointing problems and suggesting solutions to boost uptime and performance. Working closely with the museum's IT team, they mapped the servers, revealing dependencies and inefficiencies. This comprehensive picture paved the way for strategic upgrades and the removal of unnecessary systems.

Why Net Friends

Net Friends provides comprehensive IT support at a fixed price  Managed IT Services solution that grants access to a highly-celebrated Help Desk, standardized procurement, vCIO guidance, and specialized expertise from a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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