Property Management Firm Unlocks Access to Remote File Sharing Solution

TEAM, Inc. gains a modernization strategy with Net Friends, beginning with a cloud-based file sharing IT project, to support their distributed workforce.

TEAM, Inc.'s Challenge

In 2020, TEAM, Inc. needed the freedom and flexibility to securely access files remotely in order to perform core business functions during a global shelter-in-place. Streamlining file sharing capabilities into a cloud-based solution would require a seamless, expert-guided migration.

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Results At A Glance

  • Microsoft 365 SharePoint Migration
  • IT Budget Guidance
  • Strategic Plan for Key IT Modernization Upgrades
  • Optimized Network Infrastructure
  • Scalable Cloud-Based Solutions
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Before Net Friends

TEAM, Inc.'s IT infrastructure limited them from fully adopting the benefits of a distributed work model. Their employees did not have a way to securely gain access to core business files from remote locations. They were unable to collaborate in real-time away from their in-house servers.

After Net Friends

Net Friends performed a M365 SharePoint Migration to grant employees more location flexibility and greater mobility to be secure and productive from anywhere. This improved their collaboration capabilities and business processes. Furthermore, TEAM, inc. reduced high upfront costs with a managed network infrastructure solution.

Why NetCore?

Our NetCore service delivers a uniquely bundled solution of enterprise-grade hardware, software, and managed services. It provides small businesses with a reliable and secure network infrastructure at a predictable monthly rate. All configuration changes and support requirements are covered through the duration of the contract.

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24x7 Monitoring
Our in-house Network Operations Center monitors your network devices continuously. If a device runs into trouble, we will know before you do.
Flat Monthly Rate
Our Managed Infrastructure Services are set at a fixed, month-to-month, and budget-friendly rate. IT budgeting is now easier with a predictable monthly investment.
Rapid Deployment 
We have a sense of urgency to bring you a secure, reliable network ASAP. You can count on an expert installation at a time that is most convenient for you.
Regular Updates 
Our ongoing managed updates keeps your network at peak performance, reducing downtime, disruptions, and security incidents.
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