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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring

Talented people keep us at the forefront of innovation as a leader in technology. From tech support and IT consulting to marketing, sales, finance, procurement, and network operations, our jobs are all interconnected and they inspire us to make a difference.

At Net Friends, we care about your candidate experience.

We've answered common questions to help make your application process a more positive experience.

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How do I apply for a job?

Complete an application through our career site at Be sure to complete the entire application. You'll receive a confirmation email when you submit.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes, you can apply to multiple openings.

Do you accept cover letters?

Yes. In many cases, we will require them. This is a chance for you to introduce and showcase yourself.

What is your interview process?

With the social distancing required due to the pandemic, we have modified our interview process and it is typically as such:

  1. If your resume is selected for consideration, you will be scheduled for a telephone culture screening.
  2. Second round of interviews are technical and focuses on the day-to-day responsibilities of the role and is typically conducted via a Teams or Zoom call.
  3. The final interview will involve us asking about technical competencies, discussing core values alignment to our organization, and conducting role-based assessments.

Please be aware that the interview process may vary depending on specific roles, teams, and requirements.

Does Net Friends have a dress code?

Net Friends provides a casual, yet professional work environment for its employees. We embrace individuality, authenticity, and owning your style. If you are preparing for an interview, we recommend business casual attire. However, please feel empowered to use your discretion and come dressed in what you feel most comfortable in for an interview.

How can I find out the status of my application?

At any time you can log into the dashboard on our Careers site to get a general status update. If you have already started the interview process, feel free to reach out to the Hiring Manager. Regardless of the hiring decision, we are committed to notifying all candidates with a final status update for their application.

How do I update my profile information, including my resume?

Log into your existing profile and then select the "Update Your Profile" button. Enter any updates to your personal information or resume, and click the "Update Profile" button.

Does Net Friends have a secure hiring process?

Human Resources is an active security partner at Net Friends. We developed a multiple-level security program for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and developing new Net Friend employees. We ensure that Core Values, the Professional Code of Ethics, Security Awareness, and Info Sec Training & Empowerment are at the "heart" of these programs.

Please refer to the "NFI Human Resources Multi-Layer Security Program" chart presented below.

Net Friends Human Resources Multi-Layer Security Program

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