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At Net Friends, we’ve been delivering a seamless blend of IT services and solutions to our customers for over 20 years.

Managed IT Services

Our flagship product is NetVisor, a complete solution for workstation and server maintenance. We help you select and purchase each computer, we configure and deploy it, we monitor it for problems 24x7, and we respond to your support requests within minutes.

NetVisor is billed per user, not per device – because at Net Friends we serve people, not machines

NetVisor includes phone, email, and on-site support at no extra charge and with no hidden fees for critical after-hours support

Compare our hardware pricing and selection to any competing provider – you'll be surprised at the value we offer!

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IT Staffing

There's more to IT Staffing than filling an empty desk. Some firms need to conserve a tight budget; others need to offload tasks from existing staff. We designed our NetForce service to close this gap for businesses who want a dedicated on-site IT expert without adding to payroll. Our unique NetForce tag-team system means you'll never be down a visit due to vacation or illness. Our team becomes your team: two experts for the price of one.

Reserve IT Techs in half-day blocks, on a schedule that fits your business needs

Queue up tasks using our easy ticketing system that tracks the progress of your requests – no more messy sticky-note reminders!

Get discounts on our other service plans when you combine them with NetForce – save money and accomplish more

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IT Security & Strategy

The most neglected IT investment isn't storage, or cloud computing, it's risk management. Many firms that shortchange risk planning will end up facing a choice: spend thousands to fix a crisis, or accept the loss of customers, employees, or even the business itself. Our risk mitigation services give clients a suite of tools, reports, and recommendations to help them invest wisely in the future security of their hard work.

Log monitoring and network intrusion alerts can be bundled with managed service plans at a discount

Risk Assessment is a comprehensive look at your IT risk exposure, along with concrete recommendations for mitigation

Technology Roadmaps provide a 5-year plan to align IT investment with your particular strategic goals and budget

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