About John Snyder, CEO

John Snyder is owner and CEO of Net Friends, Inc., an MSP and MSSP headquartered in NC. He began his Net Friends career in early 1999 as a field technician working with customers in the biotech, healthcare, education, and legal professions. His early work in 2001 grappling with how to help multiple research and clinical organizations comply with the HIPAA regulation led to a lifelong study of cybersecurity frameworks like NIST 800-53a, 800-171, COBIT 5.0, and ISO 27001. Grounded in these time-tested approaches that aid in protecting data and maintaining safe networks, John consistently steers Net Friends towards developing IT support services built from these security frameworks and best practices. Once John became a minority owner of Net Friends in 2009, he was able to direct the company more fully to building IT service offerings based on these frameworks.

John knows the power of 3rd party industry certifications to confirm your expertise. He is a former Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), former CompTIA Security+ certified analyst, former CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) expert, and former Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). The value of these formal and specialized pursuits has influenced Net Friends to prioritize securing its SOC 2 Type II certification back in 2019, which we have maintained without interruption year after year. John firmly believes that focusing on a culture of security will directly improve the optimal business outcomes that our customers seek.

In 2021, John was named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA)'s Leadership Council. The NSBA is nonpartisan and the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization. As a member of the Leadership Council, John engages with U.S. policymakers on the interests of small businesses and advocates for laws to improve cybersecurity and address supply chain issues. John is also serving a two-year term on the Information Technology Advisory Committee at Durham Technical Community College, helping bridge the instructional priorities of the institution with the today's business and industry sectors.

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(Updated March 2022)

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