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2023 Strategic Priorities with Net Friends CEO

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John Snyder

My partner, Neelesh Patel, recently paused to reflect on our amazing and showstopping 25th year in business. No doubt, 2022 was our best year yet by every measure. I encourage you to check out his positive celebration of our accomplishments, which we achieved by working collaboratively as a team.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into our strategic goals for next year, aiming to maintain our momentum and ensuring we can continue to scale. I started from the standpoint of preserving our core company goal that we set at the start of 2022, aiming to “Be the Best MSP.” This audacious goal was refined to focus on 3 distinct areas we wanted to be the best in: (1) by the numbers, (2) by our offerings, and (3) by our expertise. Looking into 2023, we of course want to continue to keep this goal of being the best Managed Services Provider.  

In the new year, we want to continue being the best when it comes to metrics, the services and products we offer our customers. We also will welcome new IT experts to our team, and cultivate the existing talent we have by pursuing more training and certifications.

I like to think of the year 2023 as “Phase II” for these goals by extending and building upon these foundational aspects of our services.

I believe that we need to add a 4 focal point to our “Be the Best MSP” goal: information sharing. I got to witness the power of transparency and engagement that came with the rollout of our customer portal this year. Within the first week, this new portal helped change conversations at every level and helped us more quickly address issues and prioritize our efforts. My takeaway from this was that greater information sharing with our customers directly translates to improved outcomes.

2023 Net Friends Company Goal Infographic

Information sharing is at its best when the receiving audience is consistently considered and minimal work is required on their end for maximum benefit. We’re working harder in 2023 to provide easy-to-consume data to customers about their technology and its use. We’ll aim to accomplish this in a variety of ways, from targeted communications with key data points delivered with context, to slides that can be added to a company meeting about the state of IT security in their business. We will be there to assist with filling out cybersecurity insurance applications and helping our customers with their risk assessments to prioritize the order of their mitigation efforts.

We will look at each of our core service offerings on a regular basis to see what usable information we can share with our customers.

  • Our NetVisor customers will benefit not just from knowing what assets are causing their staff the most problems, but how to best harness Microsoft’s Secure Score to track their cybersecurity posture and improvements over time.  
  • Our NetForce customers will benefit not just from knowing what our team accomplished for them on any given day, but what technology trends we see across all our visits.  
  • And our NetCore customers will begin to learn about how well their infrastructure is adhering to a clearly defined baseline.

We will make a point to share these insights with our customers so we’re all equally informed and able to make decisions based on the best data available to us. We will also ensure that we consider how to best leverage our people, processes, and technology to maintain optimal information sharing with our customers.

When I think about how to make the company better in 2023, I also look beyond just improvements to our internal processes and customer interactions. Looking out to the community, we will be working on building connections in 2023 with our academic partners at Durham Tech, My Computer Career, and others involved in education and career development. We will be adding internships, volunteer opportunities for our staff, and increasing our engagement with non-profit leaders to look for ways we can jointly sponsor events that intersect with technology and the empowerment of underserved people who call the Triangle home. We will also begin officially honoring both the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Juneteenth holidays in 2023, and use those two additional days off work to be mindful and reflect on how we can positively impact our community.

All in all, being the Best MSP in 2023 is already more achievable given the groundwork we’ve accomplished in 2022.

I look forward to celebrating a new year full of positive wins and hard earning excellence ahead.

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