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What is NetCore for Servers?

NetCore for Servers is smart management. Our people, processes, and tools are optimized to give us in-depth visibility into what’s happening on business-critical systems every hour of every day. Our staff are focused on keeping those systems available and secure, and they’re trained on the comprehensive knowledge required to get the best performance out of your resources so that you get the maximum ROI on those assets.

Our Managed Services

Under our coverage, your business can rely on stable equipment that performs well and is always available when you need it. By avoiding downtime, you protect your revenue and your staff’s productivity, while maintaining your customer’s trust.
From backups, to patching, to protection from malicious software, and configuration management, we’ve got you covered. Our job is to keep your servers running at peak performance, keep them secure, and rapidly restore them if there’s an unexpected disruption.
We monitor major compliance frameworks and best-practice guidelines like ISO 27001 and NIST 800-171, so you don’t have to. We make sure your server controls will satisfy any auditor, meet cybersecurity insurance requirements, or align with your industry standards.
24x7 Monitoring
Our in-house Network Operations Center continuously monitors your servers. If a server runs into trouble, we know before you do.
Flat Monthly Rate
Our Managed Services are set at a fixed, month-to-month, and budget-friendly rate. IT budgeting is now easier with a predictable monthly investment.
Unlimited Support
24x7 access to our experts for end-to-end, personalized support. No upcharges for nights, weekends, or holidays.
“Net Friends helped SafeCHILD completely update our IT world!”
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Net Friends is a Durham-based MSP and MSSP specializing in managed IT services, cloud-based solutions, and cybersecurity for SMBs in the Triangle, RTP, and beyond.
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Our IT Support Center achieves high marks for our Net Promoter Score (NPS), doubling and surpassing the benchmark for the Technology & Services sector.

We're SOC 2 Compliant

Net Friends participates in an annual 3rd party audit to confirm that our internal systems & controls meet standards, stipulated by the AICPA. We're committed to delivering peace of mind to our customers by maintaining our SOC 2 Type II compliance year after year.

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