Common Ways Attackers Compromise Small Businesses

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Common Ways Attackers Compromise Small Businesses

Small businesses face a myriad of cyber threats, ranging from phishing and malware to ransomware and social engineering.

Here's how Net Friends fortifies your business against these dangers:

  • Phishing and Smishing Protection: We educate your team to recognize deceitful emails and texts, implementing advanced email filters and authentication protocols to intercept these threats.
  • Malware Defense: Our approach includes industry-leading endpoint protection, regular network scans, and thorough vulnerability assessments, safeguarding your systems from malicious software.
  • Ransomware Recovery: In the event of ransomware attacks, our data backup and recovery services, coupled with employee training, ensure business continuity and safeguard critical data.
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) Prevention: We deploy email authentication and secure gateways, along with employee education, to protect against BEC frauds and secure your business email communications.
  • Insider Threat Mitigation: To counter internal risks, we implement stringent access controls, data loss prevention tools, and thorough background checks, ensuring the security of sensitive information from within.
  • Unintentional Data Disclosure Reduction: By offering comprehensive data security education, clear data handling guidelines, and robust data encryption, we minimize risks associated with human error in handling sensitive data.

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