Does Net Friends Offer Cybersecurity Training?

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Does Net Friends Offer Cybersecurity Training?

Yes. We provide cybersecurity training through Hook Security, which incorporates thorough modules using easy-to-follow interactive training videos.

This is combined with insights from your organization's systems, giving you personalized cybersecurity awareness training. Here are other ways we support this:

Seamless Onboarding and Support

Automated course enrollments and reminders make it easy for every member of your organization to take part. The content is engaging and user-friendly, and for added support, you have direct access to our teams. Our experts are dedicated to overseeing the health and performance of your IT landscape, responding swiftly to mitigate disruptions and threats.

Focused on Compliance

Our training is meticulously crafted to help you achieve and surpass compliance standards like HIPAA and NIST. We do more than just teach the basics; we equip you to meet and exceed regulatory benchmarks.

Tailored Solutions

Your organization is unique, and a generic approach to training will not suffice. By incorporating insights from your IT infrastructure, we make sure that the training is as applicable as it is informative.

Empowering Security Awareness

We provide a training program that combines essential security awareness with specific organizational insights. This approach ensures that your team gets engaging and relevant training, making them vigilant protectors of your digital assets while enhancing their knowledge and understanding.

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