Does Net Friends Provide Backup Services to Businesses?

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Does Net Friends Provide Backup Services to Businesses?

Net Friends offers managed backups as part of our Managed IT Services. This solution integrates Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure AD) to improve security.

This robust solution offers:

  • Secure Adaptive Access: Strong authentication and adaptive access policies protect resources and data without sacrificing user experience.
  • Seamless User Experiences: Streamlined sign-in across multi-cloud environments enhances productivity.
  • Unified Identity Management: Centralized management of all identities and application access improves visibility and control.

With Microsoft Entra ID at the core, our backup solutions ensure data safety across all platforms. Entra ID's 99.95% SLA guarantees minimal downtime, aligning with our commitment to reliable and efficient IT services. Our vCIOs customize these scalable solutions to fit each client's specific needs and budget, while its cloud infrastructure helps supply quick, compliant data restoration and simplifies maintenance. This approach not only enhances business efficiency but also robustly protects against various threats, including cyberattacks and natural disasters.

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