How Does Net Friends Back Up Your Data?

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How Does Net Friends Back Up Your Data?

Net Friends aims to provide a robust, secure, and effective data backup solution tailored to your business’ unique needs and operational requirements. 

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Planning

First, Net Friends sets up a meeting to understand the client's data and IT infrastructure needs. This includes identifying critical IT assets, such as servers, cloud storage, and essential web applications.  

Step 2: Consultation with Key Team Members

Net Friends consults with key personnel in the client's organization, like designers, bookkeepers, and the HR head, who use specialized Line-of-Business Software (LOB). The goal is to understand the specific data requirements and usage patterns for applications like QuickBooks and AutoCAD, which handle sensitive information.

Step 3: Comprehensive Data Assessment

The projects team conducts a 360-degree assessment of all critical IT assets, compiling the information gathered from the initial consultation and key team member interviews. This helps them get a complete picture of the client's data landscape.

Step 4: Backup Strategy Development

Based on the assessment, Net Friends develops a backup strategy that includes regular, scheduled backups. This is typically combined with robust encryption protocols to ensure data safety and compliance adherence (e.g., HIPPA).

Step 5: Secure Offsite Storage

Net Friends then arranges for secure off-site storage of the backed-up data. This ensures that the data is not only safe but can be accurately restored when needed.

Step 6: Implementation and Monitoring

The backup strategy is implemented, as part of Net Friends' all-in-one IT solution, NetVisor, which includes daily cloud backups for workstations at no extra cost. The backup process is then continuously monitored for effectiveness and security.

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