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Office 365 Collaboration Tools: A Telecommuting Response

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Microsoft’s Office 365 collaboration tools have greatly improved within just the last 12 months. If you looked at these tools before and decided they weren’t up to snuff – or if you’ve never looked at them at all – the time to reconsider is now. As more and more offices switch over to telecommuting during the COVID-19 crisis, these tools can be critical to stitching your newly decentralized company together. But where to start?

Net Friends is ready to help you get the most out of your existing Office 365 plan or upgrade to one that meets your new telecommuting needs. Start helping your staff collaborate securely and more efficiently than ever. Please reach out to us to request a Collaboration Tools Package using the information below:

office 365 collaboration tools table
Office 365 Collaboration Tools

Each package includes:

  • Fixed-cost pricing
  • Invoicing after project completion
  • Payment deadline extended to 90 days (rather than 30 days)
  • Sample email templates to help you provide guidance to your workforce and customers on what to expect

If you’re interested in the Office 365 Collaboration Tools Package, please call our hotline at 919-689-5561 or follow this Contact Us link. The hotline and contact form will connect you directly to one of our company officers, so you can discuss your needs at a high level with someone who understands what business owners are going through right now.

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