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Founded in 1997, Net Friends takes pride in the operational maturity we've built and the cybersecurity culture that makes us unique. Our 25-year tenure gives us the scope to put IT security first and deliver intelligent applications of leading technologies for today's globally distributed workforce.

Our history began in Healthcare support at Duke Health and we've since reached across all sectors, including BioTech, non-profit, education, law, and more. We are big fans of small businesses and we're passionate about making innovative, enterprise-grade technologies more accessible to SMBs.

Net Friends provides comprehensive managed IT services, managed infrastructure services, and IT security and strategy clients in North Carolina and across the U.S.

We believe in people, and we love to see our customers and community thrive. Every encounter with Net Friends is an encounter with people who genuinely care about your business. We believe this is best achieved by leading as a people-first company.

Discover more about us at: www.netfriends.com

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Net Friends

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The risk of cyberattacks is notably heightened for small businesses. Over 46% of cyber breaches target SMBs. Is your business protected?

Net Friends Receives SOC 2 Type II Attestation for Fifth Consecutive Year

After five consecutive years of voluntary SOC 2 Type II audits, we remain steadfast in raising our security standards with the demands of the business world.

The Three Little Pigs' Guide to SMB Cybersecurity

A business fortified with strong cybersecurity measures is a business built with bricks, standing tall against the huffs and puffs of cyber threats...

Server Hardening 101: Boosting Business Security

Put simply, the term 'server hardening' refers to configuring your server properly. It is a critical decision that will boosts your business resiliency.

Maximizing Email Security: Essential Strategies to Protect Your Inbox

The average office worker receives 121 emails daily, the volume and openness of email makes it highly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

How to Protect Your Business While on Vacation

You've worked hard and deserve your vacation time. However, cyber threats are on the rise & bad actors don't take time off. Here's how to stay secure while OOO.

Managed IT Services
Why Businesses Need IT Infrastructure Assessments

An IT infrastructure assessment is a systematic evaluation of an organization's entire IT environment.

Life At Net Friends
Small Business Saturday 2023: Local Businesses We Love at Net Friends

Small businesses are the backbone to every local economy. That's why Small Business Saturday spotlights local establishments that keep communities thriving.

How to Maximize Microsoft Non-Profit Grants & Discounts

Discover how non-profit organizations can access Microsoft grants and discounts to maximize their benefits.

How the Hybrid vCIO & Customer Success Approach Elevates IT Outcomes

Discover the benefits to IT services when you merge two key roles: Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Protecting Your SMB: Traditional Antivirus vs. Next-Gen EDR vs. XDR

Cybersecurity is a dynamic landscape, continually evolving as new threats appear and existing ones morph. What security solutions do we recommend to SMBs?

Managed IT Services
What to Expect from NetVisor Monthly Reporting

When you become a NetVisor customer, you will receive monthly reports about your IT systems. Learn more about what our Managed IT Services entail...

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