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Founded in 1997, Net Friends takes pride in the operational maturity we've built and the cybersecurity culture that makes us unique. Our 25-year tenure gives us the scope to put IT security first and deliver intelligent applications of leading technologies for today's globally distributed workforce.

Our history began in Healthcare support at Duke Health and we've since reached across all sectors, including BioTech, non-profit, education, law, and more. We are big fans of small businesses and we're passionate about making innovative, enterprise-grade technologies more accessible to SMBs.

Net Friends provides comprehensive managed IT services, managed infrastructure services, IT security and strategy, and IT staffing to clients in North Carolina and across the U.S.

We believe in people, and we love to see our customers and community thrive. Every encounter with Net Friends is an encounter with people who genuinely care about your business. We believe this is best achieved by leading as a people-first company.

Discover more about us at: www.netfriends.com

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Q&A with Kyle, SOC Operations lead

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