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Securing Email & Cloud Data: A Telecommuting Response

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Over 90% of all cyber attacks begin via email. Within minutes, Net Friends can implement a full suite of security controls that can protect your email communications while your team works remotely. We also provide secure backup of all cloud-based files, including OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Google Drive.

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Email Security

We can start today helping your telecommuting staff communicate securely and reliably. Please reach out to us to request the Email Security Package.

This package includes:

  • Fixed-cost pricing
  • Invoicing after project completion
  • Payment deadline extended to 90 days (rather than 30 days)
  • Sample email templates to help you provide guidance to your workforce and customers on what to expect

If you’re interested in the Securing Email & Cloud Data Package, please call our hotline at 919-689-5561 or follow this Contact Us link. The hotline and contact form will connect you directly to one of our company officers, so you can discuss your needs at a high level with someone who understands what business owners are going through right now.

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