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Securing Identifications: A Telecommuting Response

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With so many changes confronting your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s tempting to put security at the bottom of your priorities. But would you give us 60 seconds to try to change your mind?

...60 seconds...

Right now, your company’s security exposure is as high as it’s ever been. Your employees may be working remotely already, accessing your resources from home computers without antivirus protection. When they take their work home, they’re taking home their list of company passwords. They’re receiving dozens of emails claiming to be COVID-19 updates from airlines and retailers – some of which carry malware or phishing links instead.

                     ...40 seconds...

While this is all going on, your ability to monitor for unusual activity is crippled by a flood of legitimate unusual activity – employees logging in from odd places at odd hours, communicating in ways that make it hard to confirm their identity, asking for new permissions and password resets so they can do their work.

                                           ...20 seconds...

So while it’s tempting to consider security something you can temporarily ignore, a realistic assessment of your company’s risk of attack should put IT security near the top of your concerns. This is particularly true if you face the prospect of laying off workers due to falling demand. Without a robust employee off-boarding procedure that accounts for telecommuting, unauthorized access from former employees is almost certain to occur.

If you’ve become worried over the last 60 seconds that your current security posture won’t hold up to the new-normal, Net Friends is actively developing a suite of affordable security readiness packages to help you make this transition effectively.

Our first readiness package focuses on something fundamental about your employees – their identity. There’s never been a better time to migrate your company’s web applications to Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Our experts use Microsoft's Authenticator application, combined with Azure Active Directory, to secure your staff’s identity and access to your critical systems. We also have devised different packages to allow you to get started by securing only the most important identification credentials, or going further to enable SSO on all key applications.

Net Friends security services table

Please note: Each of these packages relies on enrollment in a Microsoft Office 365 cloud services plan. A Business Premium or E1-level plan is required. An Azure AD P1 plan is strongly recommended (required for the Complete tier). We can assist you with enrolling in these plans before project kickoff. For the Foundation and Core tiers, all web applications to be integrated must support Azure AD authentication. For the Complete tier, applications must support SAML, O-Auth, OpenID, or another common authentication standard.

Each package includes:

  • Fixed-cost pricing
  • Invoicing after project completion
  • Payment deadline extended to 90 days (rather than 30 days)
  • Sample email templates to help you provide guidance to your workforce and customers on what to expect

If you’re interested in the Securing Identifications Package, please call our hotline at 919-689-5561. This hotline will take you directly to one of our company officers, so you can discuss your needs at a high level with someone who understands what business owners are going through right now. You can also follow this Contact Us link, and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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