Net Friends on Managed Pentesting in PenTest Magazine

Post by
John Snyder

Net Friends is published in PenTest Magazine's October issue on Ransomware Prevention. This issue is currently available to active subscribers and will be released for general viewership in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

"Managed Pentesting Using Breach & Attack Simulation: Ransomware Case Study" by John Snyder

Ransomware simulation and mitigation is likely to be the element of MPT that even companies with limited security awareness find most compelling. The local business news in most markets rarely go a week without announcing that some retailer or municipal government has been crippled by a ransomware attack. This style of managed service allows traditional pentesting providers to, for the first time, offer security services to small customers on a continuous basis. But it may give those providers a different kind of security: cash-flow security.

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