Part II: How Your IT Partner Contributes to Your Operational Maturity

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If you find yourself answering (b) above, this means you likely already have a great relationship with an MSP and are actively optimizing your utilization of technology. You are somewhere along the continuum of what has been called the “Digital Transformation”, where you are appropriately leveraging the power of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools and “the cloud”. It often takes a few years for most businesses to fully complete their Digital Transformation, as it’s a unique process for every business and results in a highly specific mix of applications and cloud adoption.

Often a business starts exponentially expanding their consumption of multiple products that all are incredibly easy to setup, but quite challenging to integrate together into a harmonious whole. Most businesses that are at this maturity stage are focused more on finding the right product mix that works best for their business’ digital needs, and then working on finding out how to best integrate the most vital systems and fully migrate away from legacy systems.

Chances are your business had to bring in outsourced IT to help with the Digital Transformation, either in a series of individual projects or by working with an MSP that could directly manage this process for you with strategic planning to chart a Technology Roadmap and workable IT budget with a multi-year plan. If you answered (b), then your business is somewhere in the process of your Digital Transformation and you could really benefit from a company like ours to help you see your way through successfully. Contact us today to connect!

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