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Part III: How Your IT Partner Contributes to Your Operational Maturity

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If you found yourself answering (c) above, this means you are at a highly mature operational state and your IT staff have long-since optimized their processes for deploying equipment and software, you bring your productivity workloads into a solid mix of scalable cloud systems, and you are enjoying a consumption model of IT that allows you to readily scale up and down as needed to optimize your IT spend. What is likely not enjoyable is the very real stress of cybersecurity concerns and risks, which were always there in your business but now you have the bandwidth and time to focus on them. If you don’t already have a security strategy (and one that includes cyber resilience), then you likely are working hard to develop one.

Most businesses will see the most return on investment (ROI) from adopting a Zero Trust Architecture building off of Microsoft’s included capabilities, and also will see the best bang for their buck with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services from a vendor with a solution to cover endpoints, network, and cloud systems. If you have not yet found a solution provider to help you implement a Zero Trust framework or MDR, that is absolutely where to start. Be sure to reach out to us for quotes or for an assessment of your existing solution, as we can help ensure you are getting the appropriate results and outcomes from your investments.

How you currently look at your IT personnel’s daily focus speaks volumes to where your business is with respect to your technology and operational maturity. If you didn’t answer (c) above and also confirmed your business already has Zero Trust and MDR in place, then you should make sure your MSP has these listed on your Technology Roadmap for the next few years. And if they don’t, or you’d like to work with an MSP would makes certain that we chart a course towards this goal, then by all means reach out and contact us today!

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