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Top 4 Tips to Prepare Your Technology for Hurricane Season

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With another "above-normal hurricane season" ahead of us according to, now is the time to prepare for any upcoming adverse weather that could impact your business. Here are some technology recommendations to consider in case we find ourselves in the path of a major storm:

Tip #1 — Back Up Your Data Offsite

Don’t wait until there’s a storm system looming in the weather forecast. Act now to implement a reliable offsite backup solution that protects your data, enables rapid recovery, and ensures data integrity.

Pro-Tip: Test & Verify Your Backup Recovery Solution

Implementing a backup solution is just the first step!

Verify that all automatic backups are online and syncing properly before adverse weather arrives. Perform regular checks on your data recovery process to confirm that everything is good to go!

Learn more about Net Friends’ Managed Backups. While Net Friends experts routinely conduct restore tests, we're happy to help you gain confidence and peace of mind by restoring specific critical files for your business upon request prior to a big storm.

Tip #2 — Provision a UPS for Key Infrastructure

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a battery backup that provides your technology with a temporary power source. It will provide you with the critical time to react to any electrical disruption while minimizing data loss and equipment damage. An uninterruptible power supply offers protection against expensive downtime for vital services and increases business efficiency.

Plan for an infrastructure or utility failure by having a Net Friend expert confirm your UPS is properly configured and the right size for the equipment it is intended to protect. Consider contacting a local electrician to get pricing on a natural gas generator for key power outlets at your business or home – you might find this option more affordable than you think!

Pro-Tip: Set Devices to Auto-Shutdown

Prevent data loss and protect against a corrupted hard drive by setting UPS-connected computers to auto-shutdown during prolonged power outages.

Tip #3 — Set a Remote Connectivity Plan

The pandemic has complicated hurricane preparedness plans for many businesses. Employees who are unable to reach the office, and who have lost internet connectivity at their homes, may have no suitable alternative work location due to restaurant and facility closures.

Remind staff to keep all their devices fully charged, including their emergency power chargers, so you can confirm employees are safe and implement contingency directives. Ask staff to brainstorm and confirm a list of places they could work from if needed.

Pro-Tip: Prepare to be Offline

If you have a laptop, synchronize essential files and articles that you can access and engage offline. When the power goes out, you can still stay productive.

Tip #4 — Take Inventory of Your Technology

Take inventory of all technology assets, including model, serial numbers, and licenses to report in insurance claims if a storm damages business property. According to our partners at Insurance People, many insurance adjusters require proof of the original purchase for claims valued at over $2,500. Consider securely moving equipment to higher ground if they are not already elevated.

Pro-Tip: Snap Photos & Record Video

Whenever there is a disaster, it can be difficult to recall every asset you had.

Complete a walk-through of your business to snap photos of the product information on larger technology equipment and record a video of your office environment, including computer/phone/printing systems, server room, and general office setup.

At A Glance: Hurricane Readiness IT Checklist

If you aren't 100% confident that your business can weather any storm, please contact us and we can discuss how Net Friends can help you address storm-related technology concerns.

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Originally Released on 9/17/20
Article Updated on 8/10/22

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