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What Was Your First Computer?

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The Lenovo Twitter account recently challenged people to think back to their first computer and the thread responses inspired some serious nostalgia here at Net Friends. We asked our staff to share their earliest computer memories. Here’s what they said:

John Snyder tweet screenshot to Lenovo
Net Friends CEO, John Snyder, remembers his trusty writing companion, the Tandy 1000.
Neelesh Patel, President
Neelesh Patel, President of Net Friends

Neelesh Patel, President

"Mine was the Hyundai Super-16 Turbo! I remember writing History and English class papers on there and trying to figure out how to maximize the font so it looked like I wrote more than I did. I also recall sending my papers to a dot matrix line printer for submission to the teacher."

Hyundai Super-16 Turbo (Source: ancientelectronics)
Hyundai Super-16 Turbo (Source: ancientelectronics)

Rob, Lead Solutions Architect

"Commodore 64. At one point I had two 5 1/4" floppy drives and a tape drive (regular cassettes), which was my first real lesson in how data is just bits, regardless of how or where they're stored. I did my first video gaming on it, as well as some early programming. Also the first time I accidentally let the 'magic smoke' out of a peripheral."

Holly, Finance Director

"I think my first computer was a HP Pavilion with a Celeron processor... It was around 1999, sometime after I went to college because we didn't have a family computer."

Alex, Network Technician & Solutions Engineer

"I don't remember what my first computer was, but it was around '99 or '00 and met the minimum specs for this bad boy..."

Bob, Senior Business Advisor

"For those of us growing up in the 80's, it was fun playing with Commodore 64 at home and Apple II's at school. I was picked to participate in a programming class in 5th grade (1982) at about the same time Apple was flooding the schools with their computers."

Jack, Service Desk Support Specialist

"I had an Apple IIe for a bit and broke it after opening it up, so my first computer that I used regularly was the Apple IIc, which I got two years later."

Justin, Solutions Engineer

"Our family had a Coleco Adam that was primarily for my sister to use since I was all of 2-3 years old, but the first one we had that I really got to spend time with was an Acer 486 DX/2 50MHz with 4MB RAM and a 200MB HDD, later upgraded to a 120MHz Pentium Overdrive CPU and 48MB RAM, came with Windows 3.1 and had Intel Indeo inside for glorious 640x480 full motion video, a great feature in 1994 unless you had an Amiga in 1985. I promptly broke Windows in under a week then had to figure out how to fix it before dad found out; he never found out."

Coleco Adam (Source: Wikipedia)
Coleco Adam (Source: Wikipedia)

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