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Why Pets Are Pawsitively the Best WFH Companions

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Why Pets are Pawsitively he Best WFH Companions with background image of dog on laptop

In celebration of National Pet Day, we wanted to recognize our Pet Friends at Net Friends! Let's face it, some days life can get pretty darn stressful. Deadlines loom, emails pile up, and sometimes it can all seem like too much. In the work from home (WFH) world, there isn’t a work bestie to go take a long lunch and decompress with. Having your pet around can help alleviate that stress.

It is increasingly common to see therapy animals at airports, college campuses, hospitals, etc. with a singular purpose to help people relieve their stress. Therapy chickens are even a thing! Science has shown that simply hanging out with our furry (or feathery, or scaly) companions can be a major stressbuster.

Susanna P. on Pet Friend Mookie Quote
Susanna P. on Pet Friend Mookie

Why Pets Are the Best WFH Companions

Here's the lowdown on why your pet might be the ultimate stress-fighting sidekick:

1. The Feel-Good Factory

Oxytocin is a hormone that gets released in our brains when we experience positive emotions like love and bonding. Petting your dog or cat is like setting off a tiny fireworks display of oxytocin in your body. This happy hormone helps to counteract cortisol, the stress hormone, making you feel calmer and more relaxed. So, next time you're feeling overwhelmed with a work project, ditch the stress ball and give your furry friend a good snuggle.

Kyle G. on Pet Friend Athena
Kyle G. on Pet Friend Athena

2. Bye-Bye Burnout

We all know the struggle of staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Our brains start to feel like mush, and productivity plummets faster than a dog chasing a squirrel. But here's the good news: taking a short break to play with your pet or take them for a walk can work wonders. A quick burst of playtime provides a mental refresh, and getting some exercise with your furry friend keeps you from getting stuck in that dreaded burnout zone. Plus, who can resist those adorable puppy dog eyes begging for a game of fetch?

Christine L. on Pet Friend Chicken Nugget
Christine L. on Pet Friend Chicken Nugget

3. From Couch Potato to Active Adventure Buddy

Let's be honest, the WFH life can be a recipe for a sedentary lifestyle. Pets, especially our canine companions, need regular exercise. This means walks, playtime, and all sorts of fun activities that get you up and moving too. It's like having a built-in personal trainer who also happens to be incredibly cute and enthusiastic (even if their enthusiasm sometimes involves chewing on your favorite shoes or hijacking a meeting by walking in front of the camera).

Will R. on Pet Friend Boomer
Will R. on Pet Friend Boomer

4. The Instant Mood Booster Bunch

Pets have a knack for bringing a smile to our faces, even on the toughest days. From a cat's silly antics as they walk across your desk during a video call to a dog enthusiastically offering you their ball, their playful personalities and affectionate behavior can instantly lift your spirits. It's hard to stay down in the dumps when a furry cuddle monster is nuzzling your hand, purring like a tiny motorboat.

Emily D. on Pet Friend Wrigley
Emily D. on Pet Friend Wrigley

5. Friendship Builders with Whiskers & Wags

Who knew your pet could be the ultimate networking tool? When you are on a video call with colleagues or clients, your furry friend can be a great conversation starter. Sharing stories or pictures of your pet is a fantastic way to break the ice, create a sense of camaraderie, and show off your adorable little (or maybe not so little) companion to the world.

Gary S. on Pet Friend Sasha
Gary S. on Pet Friend Sasha

So, the next time you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain down, remember the power of a furry friend. A cuddle sesh, a game of fetch, or even just having your pet nearby can work wonders for your emotional well-being. Plus, who wouldn't want some unconditional love and companionship to brighten their day? After all, pets aren't just animals; they're stress-fighting superheroes in disguise.

Looking to adopt a Pet Friend?

Here are some local shelters and rescues that do great work:

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