What Is The Ideal Customer Size For Managed IT Services?

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What Is The Ideal Customer Size For Managed IT Services?

Our NetVisor Managed Services are designed for companies with a workforce ranging from 20 to 100 employees in a wide variety of industries.

This is due to a few key reasons: 1) Our infrastructure and expertise are particularly aligned with the needs of this size segment; 2) We boast a team of highly skilled and certified technical professionals dedicated to supporting your business; 3) Our services include offering Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) capabilities to all our clients, ensuring your business is well-prepared to leverage technology for future growth.

We believe in providing value-centric services, and the 20-100 employee size bracket allows us to maintain focus on delivering solutions that meet both the budgetary and technical demands of businesses in this category.  

  1. We built our NetVisor pricing structure and operational support teams around how we can optimally support companies of this size, and we continually refine our business model by rigorously looking for efficiencies in how we deliver IT services to companies with this employee count.  
  1. Our value proposition is ideal for companies in this size range, as they need the breadth of services an MSP like Net Friends can offer but they cannot afford to hire a team of IT people who can do the various tasks we can do and who can scale our services as needed.
  1. Working with Net Friends reduces the impact of staff turnover, changes to the business landscape, and competitive pressures by providing steady and consistent IT support.

Net Friends supports several companies with fewer than 20 employees. These customers align with our services, because their businesses depend on technology, and they are in a growth mode. Put another way, NetVisor remains an ideal fit for these customers because they are on their way towards our ideal support size.

When we support a company with over 100 employees, it usually means working alongside one or more of the customer's in-house IT staff. This collaborative approach is referred to as co-managed IT. It necessitates a clear delineation of responsibilities between Net Friends and the customer's internal IT team or individual. We have established excellent working relationships with these larger companies. Every partnership is uniquely tailored, requiring both companies to closely synchronize our objectives and priorities to foster and sustain a successful partnership.

By choosing Net Friends, you are not just acquiring services; you are investing in a partnership that is deeply committed to propelling your business towards a trajectory of success and growth, grounded in expertise and fueled by dedication.

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