Are There Any Hidden Charges?

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Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Our billing structure is transparent with no concealed fees.

We are committed to delivering a comprehensive service to our clients, eliminating any surprises during service requests. There is no need to worry about how many times you call or if your request is covered by your contract.  

Every business is different, and we offer additional services to meet your specific needs.

Below are some of the additional charges your business might incur:  

Microsoft 365 Licenses (M365)

We make sure there is an M365 Business Premium license for every employee covered. Many of our managed security and NetVisor features stem from configurations and controls that come with M365 Business Premium licenses. If you already have these licenses, transferring them to Net Friends for management is a simple process. We will bill you based on the pricing set by Microsoft, without any additional charges.

Cloud Hosting

Many customers also use Azure hosting services provided through Net Friends, and the monthly consumption charges for cloud infrastructure services would be included on our monthly invoice to your business. These charges might vary significantly based on your company's usage.  


We might provide other licenses like extra backups, password manager, etc. or other one-time or recurring IT products that you might purchase. We have a robust approval process that would ensure a key decision maker at your business will review and sign off on these additional charges before they are assessed, as we know no one likes surprises on their bill. We do our best to make sure your business can plan and take charge of your technology.


During your engagement period with Net Friends, it is not unusual for additional projects to emerge. These could include transitioning your physical server to a cloud platform or enhancing your connectivity through a Wi-Fi assessment. Such initiatives will be scoped, documented, given a fixed price (not an estimate), and proposed to your organization for approval.

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