What Kind Of Reporting And Analytics Do You Offer?

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What Kind Of Reporting And Analytics Do You Offer?

We offer a robust suite of reporting and analytics to keep you informed and strategic in IT management.

Infrastructure Reports

Detailed analyses of your IT infrastructure's health and performance, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. This report will be completed during your onboarding.

You can learn more about these reports in this blog:  Why Businesses Need IT Infrastructure Assessments.

Monthly Reports

Regular updates providing insights into your IT systems, including performance metrics, service utilization, and operational highlights.

You can learn more about this report in this blog: What to Expect from NetVisor Monthly Reporting.

Hook Security Reports

All your covered employees will receive monthly security training from Hook Security. You will have access to a report that will let you know who is completing the training and who is not. We have found that companies that have good employee compliance on these training courses have fewer security issues.

vCIO Reports

Quarterly, you will have the opportunity to meet with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) about your IT strategy. Your CSM will help you make informed decisions about your technology roadmap and IT investments. These meetings aim to offer a comprehensive view of your IT landscape, aiding in decision-making and long-term IT planning.

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